Marriage Ministry

archie and simonia

Ministry Leaders Archie and Simonia Milton

New Beginnings believes that marriage has been instituted by God and is between a man and a woman.  The marriage ministry’s goal is to foster an environment for married couples or soon to be married couples to have a common ground with other couples in different stages in life in their marriages. This ministry has monthly outings, retreats, Bible study and weekend getaways.  Currently, the marriage ministry meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday (Date Night) each month at 7pm.

DATE NIGHT:  Our busy lives often preclude the necessity of married couples spending one-on-one time together to relax, refresh and minister to each other. The Marriage Ministry helps facilitate this crucial time with a dedicated Date Night once a month on the 4th Friday of the month. Couples enjoy a night out to renew and connect to their spouse on a date facilitated by the ministry that allows couples to join other NBC couples for an evening of food, fun and fellowship. Please see Sister Simonia or email if you have questions.

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On March 26th the Marriage Ministry had an Evening Of Jazz outing. This evening of Jazz provided an opportunity for NBC couples to enjoy a fun and festive night out with other couples listening to one of our members, Brother Darryl Swann. Held at Fresco’s in Highland Village, NBC couples came together for a night of music, food and fellowship – all at an affordable price. Couples had a fun time while being encouraged in their marriages.

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MARRIAGE MATTERS FOR COUPLES:  Every second Friday night in the Education Building at 7pm. Child care is provided (REGISTRATION REQUIRED). Please see Sister Simonia or email

Upcoming Topics Include: (Session Leaders may vary)

  • March – The Simple Secret to a Better Marriage
  • April – To Communicate, Decipher the Code
  • May – Why She Won’t Respect; Why He Won’t Love
  • June – She Fears Being a Dormat; He’s Tired of “Just Not Getting It”
  • July – She Worries about Being a Hypocrite; He Complains, “I Get No Respect”
  • August – She Thinks She Can’t Forgive Him; He Says, “Nobody Can Love That Woman!”
  • September – C-O-U-P-L-E: How to Spell Love to Your Wife
  • October – Closeness
  • November- Openness
  • December- Understanding

April 16th – THE MARRIAGE SUMMIT:  The Summit is an annual event that encourages couples through inspirational speakers and relevant workshops on the joys and challenges of marriage. Couples get hands-on practice as they participate in engaging activities that are both fun and practical. Experts in marriage education share biblical truths and practical applications that help couples in their commitment to God and their marital covenant.  Child Care is not provided for this summit.

For more information about the marriage ministry, contact Archie and Simonia Milton at