NBC 2017 Growth Institute

Our Growth Institute will have 2 sessions this summer.  The first 4 week session will be August 2nd through August 23rd. The second 4 week session will be August 30 through September 27th.

Note:  Classes will not take place on Wednesday, September 20 during Church Revival week.

Click the appropriate course picture below to register for the second session. 


SPIRITUAL MATURITY – Now that I am saved how do I grow? The main desire that God has for all of His children is for us to look like His Son Jesus. In order for us to look like Christ in a world that is designed to litter us with it’s ways we must grow in our faith. This course is designed to help us to grow everyday to look more like Christ and less like the world that He saved us from. We will encounter practical prayers, models of obedience and scripture memory.


SPIRITUAL GIFTS – Spiritual Gifts – {Where do I serve?} Have you ever asked yourself where do I fit into the body of Christ, or have you ever wondered how am I best equipped to serve God and others. This lesson is designed to help you explore and develop a sense of where and how God desires to use you for His glory and for the good of yourself and othe


PRAYER – Prayer – {Does Heaven Respond to my Prayers?} Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to pray, and to see divine results from your prayers. This lesson is designed to help us to grow in and develop a powerful God honoring Prayer life.


EVANGELISM – A good number of people feel like evangelism is something that is left for ministers and professional staff to do. but Jesus has left a model of evangelism for the entire body to participate in.  This course is designed to show the importance of evangelism, the command to evangelize along with some practical everyday methods of evangelism.


PURPOSEFUL LIVING –  We will spend 4 weeks laying groundwork for being a person who makes determined efforts to strengthen his or her relationship with God and allowing God to direct his/her path and purpose.  Scriptures will guide us and practical exercises and steps will be taken to become a better person in all areas of our lives with the expectations that God will do wonderful and marvelous things in us because of it.


BIBLICAL FINANCE – Understanding our relationship with money.  Do I master my money or has money mastered me?