Inaugural Disciple’s Virtual Catalog

July 2019


Virtual Catalog Objectives:

  1. Fulfill Jesus' command for leaders to place before those who confess faith in Him the daily requirements to develop them as disciples ( Matthew 28:18- 20).
  2. Develop the gifts required to build up the body of Christ preparing apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers (Ephesians 4).
  3. Encourage and where necessary insist each person who has a confession in Christ to engage in discipleship and ministry development (1 Timothy 4:11).
  4. Ensure each person is growing by providing assessment or monitoring of their progress (Luke 10:1-17).


Basics for adults:
Complete Basic Discipleship 1
Location:, Tab Discipleship 1
Assignment: View the video, write 5 facts in the video
Email your answers:
(Be sure to include your name)

Initial Checklist, In the Beginning, the Gospel Account ___
New Life__
Kingdom Attitude___
Sharing the Good News___
Death of the Saints___
Eternal Life__

Awards for completion:
A Certification is issued for each trimester:
A faith-life credential for all three trimesters:
Additional Discipleship II and III
Teachers complete Discipleship 1 & 2
Leaders complete Discipleship 1,2 and 3

Children activities (Ages 4-12)

Location:, Tab Children
Select: Kid's World
Courses: Select the course based on the age of your child
Assignment: Complete 1 Series during the summer
Example: Ages 4-6, the course is "See and Do" Series 1
After each lesson, answer question 1 - 10.

Disciples' Honor - submitted lesson (and all of them by end of summer)
Faithful Servant - 8 of 10 correct each lesson ( 8 of 10 average for all)
Royal Crown - 9 of 10 correct each lesson (9 of 10 average for all)

Email (for your child) the answers to:

Teen activities (13-19)

Location:, Tab Teens Select Daily Devotional
Assignment: (Use the following, and write the complete verse):
13-15 Each week submit at least one verse you read
16-17 Each week submit at least two verses you read
18-19 Each week submit at least three verses your read

Disciples' Honor - Completed minimum requirement
Faithful Servant - one more verse than required
Royal Crown - two more verses than required Email the verses you read to
Mentor: Parents, and Children's and Teens Faith-Quality Group

College and Young Adult (Ages 20 - 40)

Location:, Tab Young Adults
Select Daily Devotional:(Charles Swindoll)
Assignment: What's the Scripture for the day?
Give a brief explanation of the Scripture.
What's the Title of the day's devotion?
Disciples Honor - 2 times for the week
Faithful Servant - 3 times for the week
Royal Crown - 4 times for the week
Email your responses to
Mentor: Disciple Cell leaders, church leaders, etc.

Adults (40 and above)

Location: Adult Sunday School quarterly, tab Resources
Assignment: Read the Daily Reading, write any five facts from the daily reader assignment
Rightnow Media Assignments
Please establish your Rightnow Media account.
Search for an email from Rightnow Media.
Go through the steps to establish your account.
Don't have an account?
Highlighted Rightnow Mediavideos for the Summer:
Location:, or the App.
Instructions: Do a search on the topics, below:

Defeating Repetitive Sin, Vince Miller (Men)
Why God Allows Suffering, Greg Laurie (General Audience)
The Struggle is Real, Nicole Unice (Women)
Stepping-up! Dennis Rainey (Men)
You'll be Glad You Did, Andy Stanley (Youth)
Dare to Be Uncommon, Tony Dungy (General)
Oneness Embraced, Tony Evans, Blck & White Relationships (General)
Is There Meaning in Evil and Suffering, Ravi Zacharias (Advanced Theology and Apologetics)