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You Have A Story to Tell

You Have A Story to Tell

by Joseph R. Fields on September 22, 2018

If you have confessed The Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you have a valuable and a unique story to tell.

We live in the age of Social Media. In the age of Social Media everyday ordinary people now have the access to direct products and to star in every aspect of their lives. In short, we now have the ability to tell any story that we see fit to tell. All one needs to do is to log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you will see people telling their life stories through pictures, sound bites or thirty character tweets.

You will see people posting pictures of themselves and their spouse having dinner or enjoying a movie with the caption depicting how much they love one another. They are trying to tell a story about how lovely their relationship is and for some reason, they want to convince the viewers of that fact.

Or you may see through social media a family welcoming a new baby to the world and they want to tell that story. You may see on a social media platform that someone wants to tell a story of how someone has wronged them or disrespected them in some shape form or fashion.

The point is most people have a story to tell about something someone or someplace.

Since we have become a culture of storytelling via social media I want to challenge those of us that have a saving faith relationship with Christ to tell the most captivating, rewarding and valuable story that you have experienced, the story of Salvation.

Let us tell the Good News to all that will hear it. This story will never get old, it will always be relevant and it will always be valuable. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, and whoever will believe this story shall have eternal life. The story was told to me and I will never forget it. Is there anyone that you know that could benefit from this timeless story?.......

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